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WelcomeI bring Silke Richter’s Soul Healing Massage (Silke Richter Seelenheilmassage®) to you. In-home massages whenever it is most convenient for you.
In today’s super hectic world life rushes by at an ever-quickening pace, leaving us little time for our families, friends or ourselves. We have little time to relax, and little time for our hobbies, dreams or desires.

This can leave us feeling overworked, burned out or just plain exhausted. At times, it might even feel like the whole world is collapsing around us.

Many people would like to make certain changes, but most are unsure how to do this.

When we are over-worked, overstressed and tired our bodies begin to exhibit physical symptoms. This is the soul’s way of telling us that something isn’t right, that our bodies are out of synch.

The Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage can become a “tool” which you can use on the path you take through life

Silke Richter Soul Healing Massages harmonize the body, the mind and the soul, returning you to a more natural state of balance, placing you back within a more natural flow of life and energy. Naturally we are in our flow of life. A flow or river is never static; it is always changing, always moving forward.

When we are one with our flow, we are centred and grounded. We are in touch with ourselves. We understand and accept our feelings and uncertainties, our weaknesses, our needs and our desires.

The Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage is a gentle, slow massage, done smoothly, with flowing strokes. I open myself fully to you during the massage, focusing my attention on you and your specific needs. Each massage is individual, personal, exclusively for you.

The Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage will provide you with new experiences. These new experiences present the perfect opportunity to let go of the Old (old information you have acquired over time), freeing yourself of past burdens, anxieties and encumbrances. This will leave you feeling lightened and rejuvenated. New experiences can also provide the motivation and momentum you need to finally make the lifestyle changes you have long wanted to make.

You can make these new experiences a part of your daily life. The Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage is a resource and can become a “tool” which you can use on the path you take through life.

If you take time for yourself, you make “you” and your well being your top priority.

To read more about Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage click here: The Soul Healing Massage.

Experience for yourself what a Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage can do for you. Just call to make an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

Konstanze Rothe