Services and Prices

Rücken- oder Ganzkörpermassage? Sie haben die Wahl - massage Leipzig

A back massage or a whole-body massage? You have the choice!

I offer two types of Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage:

A back massage, which lasts approximately 60 minutes

A whole-body massage, which last approximately two hours.

Prices are for mobile Silke Richter Soul Healing Massages at a location of your choosing in Leipzig. For locations outside of Leipzig, I charge a small additional fee.

Back massage

A back massage includes massaging of your upper and lower back and the backs of your legs.

Ca. 60 minutes

60 Euros


Full body massage

The full body massage includes treatment of your legs, feet, arms, hands, décolleté and upper and lower back.

Ca. 1.5-2 hours

110 Euros