The Soul Healing Massage

What is the Soul Healing Massage (Silke Richter Seelenheilmassage®)?

The Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage is a gentle massage, done smoothly, with flowing strokes.

The soul is the whole person: the conscious part of our being like the body and mind and the unconscious part, which can be perceived as an aura.

The Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage helps you to regain a feeling for yourself (your current state of being). This is one of the prerequisites for making changes in one’s life.

With the Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage you have the opportunity to return to your true self.

Silke Richter Soul Healing Massages are done in such a way as to be evocative of our most natural state of existence: being held closely, being provided for, being protected and being connected to something greater than ourselves. In this world it is completely normal for us to grow into an embryo. This is such a fundamental part of us and our being, but something which we often forget, and which becomes strange and unfamiliar to us.

Remembering and returning to our most natural state of existence, can renew the feeling for one’s self and thus for our own, our individual flow.


Why “healing” massage?

… Because the memory of our natural state of existence and of our stream of life has a healing effect.

During your massage, you will gain new experiences. This gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the Old (old information you have acquired over time) and that which is a burden, that which is holding you back. This will make you feel lightened and rejuvenated.

… Because the Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage is a pleasant, soothing massage, which for many people, in today’s world of stress and trouble, can also feel curative and healing.


What effects does the Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage have?

Because each person reacts differently to a Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage, it is difficult to say exactly what you will experience. A Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage  cannot force anyone to do or feel anything. It is simply a recollection of a person’s most natural state of existence.

In my case, the Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage has helped me to make great changes to my life. I have learned to treat myself mindfully and lovingly and that it is important to focus my attention on the Here and Now, because only then can I clearly listen to and follow my intuition. In that way I can perceive and appreciate everything, what life is offering.

I realized that constant pressure and the stress of rushing through daily life slowed or even stopped me from developing into the person that I want to be. By slowing down, living life at a more gradual pace, I feel and sense more of what is around me, more of the world and I can deal with myself and my needs in a more conscious and deliberate way.

Soul healing massages helped me to be more attentive and caring to myself and in this way leading me to treat others in a more attentive and caring way as well.

The resulting mindfulness allows a better overview, also of all the possibilities available to myself. Soul healing massages have taught me, that when I open myself to myself, I open myself to my life.

I expierenced that I may simply “be” without having to “do” something. While I’m embarking myself to my life, I’m entering the flow of my life.

I was again reminded that I am fine, the way I am, no matter what situation I find myself in.

I have learned to not judge myself (and therefore others as well).

I have become aware that I am unique and individual, and that – if I live myself – my beauty can also be seen by others.

I realized that life is not static, it is an ever-changing process of development and growth, and that I can change everything I want to.

All this has led me to become more free and relaxed. This has led to my life becoming easier and more beautiful.


Life is a journey of discovery. I look forward to every moment of it and everything that it brings to me.