About Me

Grown up as a country-bred girl in the Saxony countryside, I have lived and worked in Leipzig since 1997, not far from there.

It was in my teenage years that I first dreamed of changing my life. To this end, I have tried many different things, from autogenic training and yoga, to long-distance running and travelling for extended periods of time. My life-long love of travel, and my curiosity about other places, people and cultures, has led me to visit many different parts of the world. At a certain point, what I realized was that one of the things I had hoped to find during my travels was actually myself. But that didn’t happen.

In all of my travels, I experienced that nothing “happened” to me. Through my own strength, and often with the help of others, I stayed warm, safe and healthy. I was always taken care of and all of my basic needs were met.

Travel, sports, relaxation techniques, etc., were all fun and enjoyable, but with them I never found or reached anything beyond the superficial. No matter what I tried, I was still left with the feeling that something vital was missing from my life.

In 2010, I hit a low point in my life. I knew then that I had to make drastic changes and alter my life in a fundamental way. In that time, I met Silke Richter and she introduced me to her Soul Healing Massage. It was only after my first full body Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage that I finally felt a great sense of relief and a remarkable centeredness that I hadn’t experienced before. I finally found what I had been looking for.

Although I didn’t realize at that moment just how important this had been for me, it turned out to be a turning point in my life. This experience led me to make the vital and positive changes to all areas of my life that I had been hoping for since I was a teen. I realized the first time, that we always get the assistance we need in the outside, which supports us to implement our decisions.

In 2010 and 2011, I completed my training and received my certification in “Silke Richter Soul Healing Massage”.

Following that in 2011-2012, I studied with Heidi Grossmann at the Academy for Consciousness in Augsburg, and received my certification as an Inspiration Coach. This enabled me to deepen my theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the basics of the natural order of existence and being.

In 2013, I attended the Heidi Grossmann Self-Healing Seminar Level II, acquiring new skills and proficiencies.