Massages in your home or office


Massage in your home or office

Massages in your home or office

I bring Silke Richter’s Soul Healing Massage (Silke Richter Seelenheilmassage®) to you.

All you need is a room large enough for my massage table.

In-home massages whenever it is most convenient for you, saving you time and keeping you from having to make your way through a noisy, crowded city. You decide when and where the massage takes place. Because it is important that you feel comfortable during your massage, you should choose the place that is best for you. Ideally, there should be no noise (phone, traffic, construction sites, etc.). This will allow you to fully relax and to get the most out of your mobile massage.


Requirements for a Mobile Massage:

  • You live in or near Leipzig
  • You have a room in which you feel comfortable and at home
  • The room has enough space for a massage table